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Resume Skills You Might Be Forgetting
Friday, February 24, 2012

Mistakes are inevitable and you are bound to make them on your resume. What's worse than spelling or grammatical errors is leaving out valuable content. Neglecting to put in key skills on your resume can disqualify you faster than a typo. Employers want to know what you're capable of. While you might want to create a laundry list of all your skills, remember that you want to keep it as brief as possible.

Narrow it down and stick to what matters most, what you can brag (figuratively speaking) about yourself.Even though things are looking up for the job market, you still want to stay ahead of the competition. The following are some abilities that you haven't been playing up as much as you should:

Verbally communicate with people within and outside of the company.
Companies must do business with other companies in order to gain and build on success. They'll be looking for people that will be able to bridge relationships between the organizations so you ability to communicate with them will be a major advantage. Good people skills are crucial in any industry as the rule of thumb is, "it's who you know, not what you know." People who can communicate well are also good motivators because that outspokenness will resonate with people. This is a strength you definitely want people to know you have.

Decision-making and problem solving.
Many people don't consider these qualities to be their forte but that doesn't mean they don't have them so they shouldn't rule them out. Problems aren't limited to subject type so anyone who can prove with an example of how they were able save the day are showing their value as a team member. Also showing how your decison making benefitted previous employers in certain situations has the same effect. Potential employers will see that you actively contribute to the well-being of your company.

Working in a team structure.
On that note, looking out for a team rather than number one is a very important, too. It says a lot about your character and integrity. You can expect to work for any company and expect to receieve a paycheck while being left alone. Companies simply can't survive without all parts in unity. Therefore, you'll want to let them know that no matter who you work with, you will be able to work with them well and are open to others' ideas. You'll be expected to share ideas as well. Companies grow through input and feedback.

Planning, organizing, and prioritizing work.
If you're one of those people with a "method to the madness" motto you'll be sure to scare away hiring managers. Yes, people are encouraged to be themselves rather than robots, but if you're all over the place that worries potential employers. They want to see what goes on inside your head,  how your thinking works, how your mental gears turn. But if you can't convey that properly or are used to throwing things together and leaving the rest to chance, chances are yours will be slim. Show them how you were able to demonstrate these strenghts with projects you may have worked on or how you applied them in your daily work.

Analyzing quantitive data.
Numbers people are like gold to employers. Companies are all about the numbers and people who can make sense of them are what they're after. What kinds of numbers that will pertain to you will depend on the department you're aiming for but if you can show how you were able to work your magic with then you stand a good chance of getting a call back. These jobs are competitive so it can be hard to stand out skillwise from the next guy who knows just as much as you. What will make the difference is the results you bring to the table.

Your resume is your ticket to an interview, not a job. So the best way to secure getting that exciting news down the road is by first getting through the door. Make sure you have a powerful resume with skills and examples of them that will blow any employer out of the water. Maybe you feel like you don't have much to offer but it's all in how you respresent yourself. If you can toot your own horn enough, someone is bound to hear you.