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5 Tips to Refresh Your Job Search
Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Getting stuck on a plateau can happen in job searches. Momentum can only get you so far until you can't seem to go any higher. That doesn't mean you should stop, it just means you need to regroup and give your job hunt a change of pace. To help redesign your search approach, here's a list of tips to give it an upgrade.

1) Work on your messaging skills.
Before you start reaching out to people for networking or any other reason make sure you're communication skills are sharp. Check for frequent typos, run-on sentences or misspelling. This applies for verbal communication, too. Work on your elevator pitches and speech style like your talking speed, volume, and annunciation. In both, make sure that your language comes out sounding natural. It's good to practice, but it don't make it sound obviously rehearsed.

2) Don't scare your networks away.
Ever wonder why some don't get a second date after the first one seemed to go so well? Chances are they put pressure on other person and scared them away from attempting to go a round two. This can happen with bad timing--too much, too soon. Networks are even more sensitive because things need to remain professional so you should keep your tone on the formal side.

3) Can you see me now?
Don't be a ghost when it comes to job hunting, make yourself visible! You want people to notice you and know who you are. Relying on your networks to do the work for you is like giving up on your job search altogether. You've got to be in it to win it so show off and outshine the competititon. Take the initiative in becoming your own PR person. Reach out to people, convince them why they should want to get to know you and pretty soon they'll be spreading the word for you.

4) Stay up-to-date.
There's no reason you shouldn't update your resume every now and then. Even if you don't have anything new to add to it, there's always room for improvement. Clean it up a bit, change things that you think might make it look better. If you have a cover letter template that you generally go off of, spruce that up a bit too. Cover letters should always be unique to each company, but having one that you made to use as a starting point is fine. The more your documents looked tended to, the more serious recruiters will take you in your job search.

5) Enjoy yourself.
Have some fun in what you're doing. Sounds somewhat odd in terms of a job search but meeting new people and discovering different opportunities shouldn't be considered a drag. Having enthusiasm in your search will allow you to keep an open mind and increase your progress. People will feed off of that and start to grativate toward you. Being likeable among your networks is one of the most valuable qualities ou can have in the job market as it will make people want to work with you.